Company Update | January 2021

The Pivot That Changed It All !

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It’s 2021 and we aren’t that far from the time when technology blends into our life so naturally that it’s usage and our efforts to use it becomes so natural for us that we get things done as we think them.

We as a team went from developing just software and games to creating the products for our future, Wearable AR/VR devices powered by AI/ML ( Software + Hardware ). This massive shift was not something we expected but through the execution of our already thought of ideas, we saw opportunity.

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Our Start

Augrade was first formerly known as Snapinsight Solutions Pvt Ltd and we had a little different approach in doing what we believed in starting out.

Our goal? To help, entertain and empower every individual to do anything through convenience and personalisation

We approached this goal in our software & game development where we were developing softwares and mobile games to cover the gaps in the market. Our softwares were focused on everyday life decision and our food habits while our game was in the adventure/thrill category.
( PS. You can look at them on the play store and App Store but hold on, there’s something better coming your way )

We launched and tested our softwares with users and found some very happy customers and a lot of unexpected variables which made us think harder about how can we serve our consumers better by helping them live upto their potential.

We noticed a few major shifts in consumer behaviour

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We realised 3 things,
1- Portable devices will soon be replaced with wearable devices.
2- Our reliance on technology is only going to increase and our digital and physical lives combining is the easiest way to take advantage of this technology
3- Games are going to play a more prominent role in our entertainment

So we changed up our model, from doing things exactly as described above to taking the completely opposite approach and,
1- Focusing on wearable devices
2- Bridging your digital and physical life
3-Creating unique games and an exhilarating gaming experience

Where are we now?

We started our journey as Augrade, with the aim to upgrade and augment your life by incorporating technology at a fundamental level and enable you to experience the world and games differently.

The final goal of seamless transition between our physical and digital self might take some time but we are focusing on our present via AR/VR wearable devices.

Concentrating the power & benefits of portable personal computing to wearable computing so you can live up to your true potential and do more, with less.